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We appreciate all gifts of time, talent, and treasure.


We are always in need of volunteers—in the lunchroom, for fundraising, recess duty, or whatever the need is at the moment. If you have time available, we would love to have you! Please call 320-859-2130.



Our St. Agnes Ally program allows you to contribute toward the education of a specific family or child—or any student in general—in need of financial aid. In return, you will receive occasional notes and invitations to school events.

All information will be kept confidential. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Become a St. Agnes Ally

Thank you for your donation!


This life-changing program offers seniors, ages 55 and over, the opportunity to work with students in the classroom on a daily basis. Typically, school “Grandmas” and “Grandpas” work one-on-one with kids who need some extra support and love.


Your involvement will positively impact our students. It will improve your quality of life as well, through documented health benefits and knowing your great contribution to the community.

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